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Why do We kill people who kill people, to show that killing people is wrong??

Prop 34: Why it matters

I attempt not to be political and take sides, particularly in an election year, but it seemed important to talk about proposition 34, also known as the death penalty prop.  There are a lot of misnomers about the death penalty, and before residents of California prepare to vote on this topic, I felt a few things should be cleared up.

death penalty

The biggest falsehood that is commonly believed about the death penalty is that it is cheaper to kill a person by lethal injection than let him or her spend the rest of their respective lives in jail.  One has to consider, however, the price of the actual procedure, which is very expensive, but where prices really get ridiculous is the appeals process.  Before a person is put to death they are allowed appeal after appeal, because killing a person is a big deal, and a person will do whatever they can not to be put to death.  Not only does this cost the state a lot of money (most of the defense attorneys are paid by the state in addition to the usual court fees), it takes valuable time from judges and lawyers alike.

Besides the financial cost and burden of the death penalty, the REAL reason not to support the death penalty is the possible murder of an innocent life.  I won’t throw statistics at you because every statistic found on the subject is contradicted by another, like most politicized issues.  However what no one debates is that this tragedy occurs, and occurs more than you probably think.  The saying better 10 guilty men be free than one innocent man be imprisoned is not only wise, it is true.  There is nothing more tragic than an innocent life lost, and that is especially true when the innocent life is lost by its own country and state murdering it.

Life in prison with no chance of parole is not an ‘easy’ punishment.  You are not letting the man ‘go free’ just because he is not sent to death.  It is a fair punishment for a heinous crime, because prison is a terrible place where terrible things happen.  By voting yes on prop 34 and doing away with the death penalty you are not sympathizing with criminals, you just are making sure that we as a tax payers and as a people are not murdering innocent lives.

Vote yes for prop 34.


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