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Update to Downey Shooting 10/24/12

Update to Downey Shooting on Wednesday, October 24th  2012

As initially reported on this past week, police have identified the gunman who opened fire at a business followed by a nearby home this week.  According to the family of the victims, the gunman posed as a Craigslist buyer interested in a 2010 black Camaro. The suspect is due in court Monday.

The victims killed consisted of Josimar Rojas, Sususan Perez-Ruelas, and Irene Cardenas were all killed when the gunman fired shots at the United States Fire Protection followed by a residence nearby.  The victims were ages 26, 34 and 35, respectively.  Jade Douglas Harris has been arrested in the shooting after police located said Camaro.  Though there has been a lot of speculation for the motive of the killing, police have not been clear on the exact reason in a case with lots of misdirection and misinformation.  At the moment it seems simply as senseless and unfortunate.

Police initially said the victims were all members of a family that owns the business where the shooting took place, but neither Rojas nor Cardenas were related to the business owners Robert and Antonio Salinas.  Rojas was a friend of the Salinas family who helped create a Craigslist ad for the Camaro. Cardenas was a secretary for the business.

According to police, someone was targeting the family, though they did not give a reason. It has been suggested by some law enforcement that the shooting was a professional hit or drug-related. However these theories don’t seem to add up.

Attorney Arshak Bartoumian stated “The Salinas family is not involved in any illegal activities. This has been reported as one possible theory for these killings. This theory was placed in the public by various sources without any facts.  Bartoumian added that the family was “hard-working” and “tried to live the American dream by running a prosperous business. Unfortunately, they were involved in the senseless killings of three people.”

A spokesman for the family said that a gunman offered to pay $25,000 for the Camaro showed up at the business on Wednesday. All of the victims of the shooting were at the business.  Cardenas and Rojas were fatally shot at the business. The gunman demanded that Perez-Ruelas and her 13-year-old son Antonio Salinas take him to the home where the Camaro was. The gunman drove a company car to the home just down the street, and reportedly told Salinas: “Do you know how easy it would be for me to kill you right now?” The gunman aimed his gun at Salinas, but Perez-Ruelas dove in front of her son and took a bullet in her head. The gunman fired again, hitting Salinas in the arm. Salinas played dead, and the gunman fled in the Camaro.

Whether it is buying a car or any purchase off craigslist, it is important to practice discretion and vet the strangers you are selling to.  No amount of money and no deal is too great that is worth your life.  We all know that something as tragic as this is possible, but when it happens it is still unbelievable.  MrCheckpoint always stresses safety and responsibility when driving regarding DUI, but it also extends in every aspect of your life, even in something as innocent as a posting on craigslist.

Downey police officers investigate

Downey police officers investigate


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