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California first time DUI

What to expect from a first time DUI in California

Getting your first (and hopefully last) DUI is a traumatic experience,
and many people upon being arrested and charged with a DUI feel
overwhelmed.  If you find yourself in this unfortunate position, or
fear that it may occur to you, here are a few things one should do and

Drinking and Driving

Drinking and Driving

The first thing to do is relax.  Though extremely stressful and
frightening, it is best to deal with your circumstance calm and
collected.  If you avoid dealing with it altogether it will lead to
more severe fines, suspensions and even jail time. A first offense DUI
have significant consequences, and you should consult with at least
one (really several) DUI lawyers in the county you were arrested to
discuss the details of your case.    Within the first ten days of your
arrest you should submit a request of an administrative hearing with
the California DMV.

Those found guilty and over the legal alcohol limit will have your
license suspended and revoked depending on how over the limit you were
on the initial test.  A typical fine for those found guilty can range
from $1400-$2500, not including court and lawyer fees.  AAA estimates
you can expect to pay upwards of ten thousand dollars when all said
and done.

You can always try and get the charges reduced based on the facts of
your case.  Bad facts like speeding, high blood alcohol pressure,
refusing chemical tests, children being in the car hurt your chances
of reducing the charges and you will face harsher penalties.  In some
cases, however, you can reduce your charge to a wet and reckless,
which means facing much less fines ($600-$1200 generally), and though
treated as an alcohol related charge on your record, it can be
considered a misdemeanor.



If convicted, you will face a minimum of forty eight hours of jail
time, though this can be served through community service for a first
offense.  You will need to complete at least 12-45 hours of DUI school
and three to five years of probations.  Other penalties may be
enforced based on the crime.

Remember, though you will be going through a rough time, you will get
through it.  The important thing is to avoid this all together by
never drinking and driving, and at the very least not over the legal
limit.  Like STDs, the best practice in DUI’s is abstinence.


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